Delphinieae Chromosome Database

 An updated on-line database of chromosome data of tribe Delphinieae (Ranunculaceae)

The tribe Delphinieae Warming is a large group within the Ranunculaceae, traditionally including four genera: Aconitum L., Delphinium L., Consolida (DC.) S. F. Gray, and Aconitella Spach. Recent advances in phylogeny proposed a new arrangement of previously recognized groups (Aconitella and Consolida nested within Delphinium, and Staphisagria J. Hill restated as an independent genus, Gymnaconitum (Stapf) Wei Wang & Z. D. Chen separated from Aconitum). More recently, the whole tribe Delphinieae has been confirmed as monophyletic.

The Delphinieae Chromosome Database (DCDB) provides the most complete current available information on published chromosome numbers, ploidy-level estimates and other karyological data of Delphinieae, periodically updated to be useful for general building of cytotaxonomical databases and for specific research ongoing projects of systematics and evolution of Ranunculaceae.


• Accurate extensive literature and internet survey

• Published chromosome counts worldwide (1889-2022)

• Tribe Delphinieae Warming:


Aconitum L.

Gymnaconitum (Stapf) Wei Wang & Z. D. Chen

Delphinium L. (including Staphisagria Spach)

Consolida (DC.) S.F. Gray

Aconitella Spach.


Maria Bosch (coord.)

Joan Simon

Jordi López-Pujol

Cèsar Blanché

Authors are members of:

· BioC - Equip de Biologia de la Conservació de Plantes

· GReB - Grup de Recerca en Biodiversitat i Biosistemàtica de Plantes (SGR)

· IRBio - Institut de Recerca de la Biodiversitat, Universitat de Barcelona

· IBB - Institut Botànic de Barcelona (CSIC - Ajuntament de Barcelona) 

Recommended citation

Bosch, M., J. Simon, J. López-Pujol & C. Blanché. 2022 onwards. DCDB: Delphinieae Chromosome Database v. 3.1. (last updated: 11.1.2024) http://www.delphinieae.online

DCDB publications

Simon, J., M. Bosch, J. Molero & C. Blanché. 1999. A conspect of chromosome numbers in tribe Delphinieae (Ranunculaceae). Biodiversity Electronic Publications 1 [online] Available at http://hdl.handle.net/2445/95875

Bosch, M., J. Simon, J. López-Pujol & C. Blanché. 2016. DCDB: an updated online database of chromosome numbers of tribe Delphinieae (Ranunculaceae). Fl. Medit. 26: 191–201. doi: 10.7320/FlMedit26.191

Bosch, M., J. López-Pujol, C. Blanché & J. Simon. 2023. DCDB: Chromosome Database of Tribe Delphinieae (Ranunculaceae): Structure, Exploitation, and Recent Development. In S. Garcia & N. Nualart (eds.) Plant Genomic and cytogenetic Databases. Methods in molecular biology (N.J. Clifton) 2703: 173–192. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-1-0716-3389-2

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